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Making the right decisions about Specialised Tax Barristers requires us to even out the seemingly contrary forces of emotion and rationality. We should be able to forecast the future, correctly perceive the present situation, have intelligence on the minds of others and deal with ambiguity.The laws surrounding tax residence in the UK and worldwide are complicated and always changing. It’s vital to get effective legal advice in order to stay compliant and benefit from tax planning opportunities. Tax barristers draft key documents for a wide range of transactions. These include, contracts and trust documentation and wills. The UK has a regime of self-assessment which requires a taxpayer to assess its own tax affairs and declare these annually in a tax return. However, where the UK tax authority, HMRC, wishes to query or disagrees with the self-assessment, it can commence an enquiry and come to its own decision. Barristers can specialise in a range of different areas of the law. These are known as “practice areas”. A seasoned tax barristers expertise may involve the application of multiple dwellings relief to SDLT, in particular with regard to student accommodation. Interestingly enough, a barrister who is an expert on the subject of tax can provide advice on clients tax liabilities with various departments of HMRC including under codes of practice 8 (tax avoidance) and 9 (civil investigation of fraud). Penalties for fraudulent or corrupt behaviour are varied and depend on the situation, but can result in either major fines being issued or imprisonment where individuals are concerned. An experienced barrister is essential for investigations in this area. The law relating to tax can simply be unclear due to ambiguity about the detail or application of particular measures and the language used in tax legislation. The most prominent tax barristers are widely acknowledged as having a real feel for the effective preparation and presentation of factually and legally complex and sensitive cases. Some accomplished barristers produce arguments that others haven’t thought of yet. A Pensions Advice service will represent clients to determine the best fit for their needs.Corporate And Commercial TransactionsA tax barrister can assist with tax compliance from the outset or on an ongoing basis with answers to queries in relation to new tax-related developments and tax policies and processes. Accomplished tax virtuosos can advise on cases which involve a short legal (or possibly technical) point where little tax is at stake. Tax barristers draft notices of appeal, witness statements and skeleton arguments if an appeal is necessary. Some barristers advise clients across various industries/sectors and in relation to the full range of taxes whilst some specialise in a particular discipline. Disclosure of tax affairs are an area of HMRC tax investigations that tax barristers can assist with. Specialist assistance for Domicile Advice should be sought whenever required.Tax affects almost all aspects of pension scheme operations, from investment to accrual and benefit design. Whilst pension funds are exempt from many aspects of tax, they can still face tax complexity. Some tax barristers undertake instructions directly from clients under the Bar Direct Public Access scheme, which allows them, in appropriate cases, to work without a solicitor or accountant. They can be authorised by the Bar Standards Board to conduct litigation (with the result that they can assist on all aspects of the litigation process). Knowledge of tax by tax barristers can be complemented by advocacy skills and specialist expertise in wider areas. Barristers with experience of pensions can analyse questions of trustees’ decision making including fiduciary duties. PAYE investigations (Employer Compliance Reviews) are an area of HMRC tax investigations that tax barristers can assist with. All professionals involved with Inheritance Tax Advice have a duty to be confidential.Many Different Kinds Of ClientSome tax professionals primarily advise corporate and individual clients on the tax implications of disposals and acquisitions, joint ventures and reorganisations in the energy and infrastructure sectors, the corporate recovery sector and the private equity. Negotiation and drafting of settlements with tax authorities (particularly on “big ticket”/high value matters) are aspects that a barrister can give an opinion on. The best tax barristers advise many of the world’s leading financial institutions and corporations on domestic and crossborder transactions. Accountants and tax advisers who are members of certain professional bodies, including the ICAEW and CIOT, have licensed access to barristers. Appearing regularly in the Tribunals and higher courts, gives the top tax barristers the advantage of having an intimate knowledge of court and tax Tribunal practice and procedure. Professional help by any Tax Barrister service will provide value for money.Combining technical expertise and a deep familiarity with tax litigation process, the top tax barristers provide a far broader perspective of the issues surrounding tax disputes than that of pure litigators. Tax affects all people and tax barristers act for many different kinds of client: individuals of modest means as well as the wealthy, companies, governments and charities to name a few. Taxes that tax barristers advise on include those that you will have heard of, such as income tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax, inheritance tax, Stamp Duty Land Tax and VAT, as well as those with which you may be less familiar, such as customs and excise duty, landfill tax and diverted profits tax. 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